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Explore the support that will best transform you or your team.


High Performing Teams

Organizational consultation for team impact and job satisfaction.

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Transformative Coaching

Personal and professional coaching focused on strengths and passions.

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Experiential Learning

Live and online courses for personal and professional growth.

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I am Dr. Lynne Ellis-Gray and have spent the last 30 years working with leaders like you around the world. I have a passion to see people living their fullest life personally and professionally, while making a positive impact. 

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What Others Are Saying...


Dr. Grace S.

Optometrist & Business Owner

"I had the pleasure to be coached by Lynne. She has a gift and process to guide one to grow in the direction needed AND wanted. Life Coaching with Lynne is a worthwhile investment. It has helped me personally and professionally."

Mike Howerton

Senior Executive Coach

"Action oriented and strategic, Dr. Lynne asks powerful, probing questions creating instant clarity, true AHA moments. She pursues unified alignment (the key to satisfaction) and has decades of experience to draw from as she shepherds you through transformative breakthrough. More than anything, Lynne is an ally of soul, bringing tangible empowerment, turning your ear to the voice of your better self, and silencing the saboteur within."

Liz H.

Director, You Belong Community Non-Profit

"Lynne's abilities and talents helped move me into my passion! I was stuck on a project and within a short period of time with her, she helped me formulate and put concrete details to my vision and desires. It was a very encouraging and empowering process."