Are you asking,

"Is there more? "

Ok, Lynne...

Watched your video:

  • I want the experience of my life to feel different.

  • I am asking questions about legacy and impact.

  • I'm in a life transition with opportunities to re-evaluate.

  • I want you to help me with it all.

  • ​I'm ready to take my life and business to the next level.

  • ​I have a budget and am ready to rock this!

If That's All True, Go Ahead:

What Clients are Saying


Mike Howerton, Senior Executive Coach

"Action oriented and strategic, Dr. Lynne asks powerful, probing questions creating instant clarity, true AHA moments. She pursues unified alignment (the key to satisfaction) and has decades of experience to draw from as she shepherds you through transformative breakthrough. More than anything, Lynne is an ally of soul, bringing tangible empowerment, turning your ear to the voice of your better self, and silencing the saboteur within."

Dr. Grace S., Optometrist & Business Owner

"I had the pleasure to be coached by Lynne. She has a gift and process to guide one to grow in the direction needed AND wanted. Life Coaching with Lynne is a worthwhile investment. It has helped me personally and professionally."

What you will experience

with this Intro Coaching Call:

  • Assessment to see where you are and where you want to go.

  • Connection and affirmation on the path you have already lived.

  • Strategic Plan to get you started.

  • Clarity on immediate next steps.

  • Access to freebies that will build momentum.

It's a Proven Process to Maximize Your Strengths, Overcome Obstacles and Live Freed in Your Personal and Professional Life

Reserve your FREE Session with Dr. Lynne if you are ready for a Personal or Professional

Breakthrough Today!

More About Me

I have hit seasons like you - asking that all pervasive question of "What's Next?"

Not positioned for the influence I knew I was capable. Or growing, but overwhelmed by all the opportunities and obligations in my life. Or seasoned in my work, but wanting more – desiring to make my life and work count.

Being a lifelong learner and leader, I have acquired letters after my name, MSW, Dr. in Transformational Leadership. and sought targeted certification training including Life Coaching, Trauma Responsive Care, and Leadership Development. My personal pursuits spilled over into my professional domain of building teams and partnerships for global development work over these past 30 years.

As I had the privilege to work with global leaders, listen to hundreds of hours of conversation, and ask questions, I discovered themes emerge from high-impact leaders.

AND the catalytic effect of a well-placed question.

I am passionate about helping
people live and influence with intention. YOU, my friend, are made for more. You have unique strengths and experiences to offer your world in this season of your life. This IS your moment to make a transforming shift in your personal and professional life.

Let's pursue this! Lynne

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